An Escort Writes

An Escort Writes

After a really fun weekend hanging out with the girls (we got completely lost and ended up in Holloway, HOLLOWAY?! It was awful) I had such a boring couple of days. I mean, London is a bit of a lonely place for an escort who doesn’t know her Gloucester Road from her Old Kent Road (yeah ok I googled those!) but was so excited when I got a call through from 24 Carat Escorts  telling me to be outside Mahiki on Mayfair at 10.30pm. I mean finally I’ve actually got a reason to put on some heels and go clothes shopping! Perfect!

So I thought I’d treat myself to a day of pampering. Hello scented body butter, manicure, pedicure and all those things a girl needs to look her best. You can imagine… It’s hard being a London escort. Sigh…

Also, could not be more excited about Mahiki because I’ve never even been to West London, let alone the club that apparently Rihanna was in last month. Can’t wait though because apparently it’s an after work party and thankfully that sort of thing is something I LOVE. It’s always fun to meet new people and I just so happen to be able to hold my drink, as well as a conversation…

I really hope he doesn’t mind me dancing. I absolutely have to dance if I’ve got my six inch heels on. I mean that’s what they’re made for… and if he doesn’t want to dance then I’m perfectly happy to give him a show! A few of my girlfriends  called but there’s no way I’m cancelling. I’m going on a date. Why do you think I do this job? Because nights out with the girls can get a bit samey, and I’m getting paid to be doing what I’d be wanting to do anyway, have a great night out with a great guy in London!

I wonder what he’s like. Sometimes they’re quiet and shy which is soo adorable. Sometime they’re confident. I don’t mind either way, provided he likes me. Not being funny or anything, but I haven’t ever had any complaints before so there’s no reason for it to go wrong.

It’s funny that I still get those first date flutters just before I meet him isn’t it?! The moment we talk it’s like a switch just flicks on and I’m absolutely fine, but the minutes before I check my hair about a million times in every window there is. And it always looks GREAT haha!

Okay so I’m going to go and get primed and ready now for whatever and wherever the night will take me… whatever he’s got planned I’ll be happy! And even if he’s got nothing planned, then sometimes the best nights are the nights you wander into some weird bar at midnight and end up having the night of your life. Last week I had one of my favourite nights since I became a London escort, and it was all because the restaurant the guy had forgotten to book the restaurant. I mean, I didn’t know where I was going, and neither did he, so we just wandered round Islington for about half an hour chatting before finding this incredible pizza place on the corner. Forget the need for ice breakers, just forget to book a place to eat and all will turn out fine. And believe me, it was more than fine! So I guess it doesn’t matter what he’s got planned tonight, because I suppose as long as I’m there, I’m hot and I’m his the only way is up.
Will keep you posted on how it went, as well as more insights into my life as a London escort … best go squeeze into that minidress… xx