Celebrity Pitfalls


In the news last year it seemed as if every day brought a fresh report of a celebrity cheating on their partner. And I’m sorry to say guys – men were the most conspicuous culprits. Possibly the most well documented love-rat saga (in the UK, at least), was the betrayal of Cheryl Cole by footballer Ashley. It wasn’t the first time he’d cheated on her, and this year his inability to stay faithful led to the end of their marriage. Cue months of tabloid photos of Cheryl looking ‘frail’ and apparently in despair, and Ashley looking puzzlingly smug and oh-so-easy-to-hate. Apart from Cole, other well- known rats gained some extra column inches – Tiger Woods, Ronan Keating, Mark Owen, Mel Gibson, to name but a few.

What I struggle to understand is why famous people continue to indulge in the kinds of behaviour that could well be career/contract/marriage ending, when they must realize that the truth will almost certainly come out and be splashed humiliatingly over the news. After all, they’re being watched by Paparazzi  – and everyone else – at all hours of the day and night. Perhaps they think they’re so important that their fans will still love them anyway? (In some case they’d be right) Or maybe they assume they’ll be able to just pay-off all potential tabloid informants? I suppose sometimes this might work, but there are all too many floosies that would rather contribute a ‘kiss and tell’ to the Daily Mirror.

So why do celebrities – or anyone else for that matter – cheat? Men often argue that it’s their biological imperative. They’ve evolved to sire lots of young, and since women can only produce relatively few men must continue to search for mates in order to increase their chances of passing on as many genes as possible. Additionally, as women tend to have a comparatively short-shelf life, reproductively speaking, men need to be on the look out for younger, healthier models to continue their ancestral lines.

Although there is undoubtedly truth in this theory (you only have to look at the examples provided by other members of the animal kingdom), many people will make the point that we’ve progressed past our base evolutionary needs to the point where we should be able to make intelligent decisions based on more than just our libido.

Our gorgeous busty escorts in London sometimes find themselves on a date with a client who has a wife or girlfriend at home. Being the skilled professionals they are, the escorts take this in their stride and try not to pass judgement. They’ve seen for themselves the many reasons a man may have to be unfaithful – some of them rather baseless, but others sad. This kind of thing goes with the territory for a London escort agency, which deals with hundreds of clients every year.

“Some men don’t really like to talk about their personal lives” said one of our blonde escorts, “Which is fair enough. So we just talk about other things – cinema, culture you know. Others like to talk about everything, and sometimes will spill the beans if he’s there without his other half’s knowledge. I think some guys just need the opportunity to spend time with a beautiful woman who isn’t connected to his life in any permanent way, especially if he’s under a lot of pressure. Occasionally it’s really sad, because someone’s been trapped in a bad marriage for a long time and doesn’t know how to leave”.

So are our wayward celebrities just trapped in unhappy relationships? Possibly. There are surely some that cling onto their partner for whatever reason – perhaps they’ve been together since before fame hit, or they have children together and are worried about the repercussions of splitting up, so they end up finding more illicit releases for their frustration. Sometimes it is understandable, to a point.

Other times it seems incredible. Why on earth would Ashley Cole need to cheat on his beautiful, charming, successful wife? I realise that we can’t know what’s really going on in peoples’ private lives, or what they’re like to live with etc, but all the evidence in this case suggests that Ashley is still extremely fond of Cheryl. He attempted ‘crisis talks’ to try and save their marriage, apparently exchanged Christmas gifts with her, and according to several reports was ‘devastated’ at photos of her soaking up the South African sun with her hunky dancer ‘friend’ from LA.

I think that much of the time, celebrities are just faced with too much temptation. They embark on tours that are months long, travelling to far-flung places away from their loved-ones, and have a constant stream of gorgeous girls fluttering their eyelashes at them. It must be difficult to hold onto fidelity living like that.

Not that I’m excusing their behaviour, just trying to understand it. Now 2011 is upon us, and I’m wondering which celebrity will next be appearing in the tabloids, sheepish and dishevelled, slipping away from a hotel at 5am.