It is getting increasingly difficult to tell the difference between young girls and women of the same age as London escorts. I know it is probably one of the most common things to say for any older generation and it was probably said many times by adults when I was younger but I do honestly believe that youngsters are growing up way to fast these days. We were relatively innocent when we were in our early teens, most of my friends hadn’t really started to drink that heavily or have sex until our mid to late teens,  16 or 17 was the normal age to start doing that sort of thing and the London escorts agree, it was very much the same for them and personally I think that is a good thing, it is nice to have that bit of innocence and naivety when growing up before you have to enter the big bad world of being an adult. It seems as though the youth these days are having to grow up  way too fast and it probably isn’t that good for them really, soon enough you will have 12 year old boys hiring busty escorts in London.

I have come to this conclusion just from being around London on the trains, on the buses in the shopping centres etc and seeing the teenagers and what they are like. I often see a lot of them on their way to school when I am on my way to the London escort HQ and it is quite enlightening. Especially the younger females, they dress and try to act like older girls, a lot of what they wear is not too far away from what the older London escorts would wear, but the difference is that they are proper grown up women and not just little girls trying to look like women.

If you look closer as well they are all walking around with expensive phones like iPhone’s and Blackberries and they are not even old enough to take out contracts for themselves which is quite funny. When I was 15 I think I was still begging my parents for a mobile phone and when I got one it was nothing special at all, just the most basic phone you can imagine and now there are 13 year olds walking around with 2 phones, both of which are top of the range models like Blackberries and iPhone’s, they are all talking about sex and drugs and drinking and they are not even of the legal age to do any of that, not even close in many cases. A lot of the London escorts think that it is a bad thing that they grow up so fast because it doesn’t give them a chance to be kids and they could burn out too quickly. If there are any youngsters reading this… you are not quite old enough for a London escort yet, you will have to wait.

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