That old saying that you can choose your friends but not your family is spot on. Just because you are family and share the same blood with someone it does not guarantee that you will all get on. In many cases when the extended family meets up there is always little niggling issues between people and if everyone was truthful they would probably all admit that they dread going to these events, I certainly do.

Not that this is the case for everyone but I think a lot of people feel this way, we were having a discussion about it at the London escort HQ the other day and many of the girls agreed with me that it was one of those situations where you cannot say know as much as you don’t want to go.

It can be quite a repetitive experience when you have to see family members that you haven’t seen for ages and they ask you the same old questions that you have to give the same old answer for.  It can often be made worse if you have those relatives that badger you about why you have not got a girlfriend/wife or why you are not doing something better with yourself (assuming that you are in either of these situations.)

During the conversation it became clear that a lot of the London escorts had actually been hired specifically to attend specific family occasions with different guys and by the sounds of it my family isn’t anywhere near as bad as some.

Some of the stories that that the escorts in London had regarding these occasions that they had attended were quite surprising and made my family seem a lot better. One of the girls even said that the dad of the guy that she was attending the family dinner with was rather flirtatious with her despite the fact that he thought that she was the girlfriend of his son. Nice!

The guy that hired the London escort said to her that his family often have these big dinners with the extended family and whenever they have in the past he gets stick from his dad, his uncles, his cousins and his brothers for being the only one not to have a girlfriend.

He explained to her that this had been going on for a number of years and he had thought of as many solutions to the problem as possible and the best idea that he came up with was to hire a busty escort in London to go along with him, she said that there was no ridiculing going on whilst she was there just stares and shock, that’s one way to make a family occasion that bit more enjoyable isn’t it.

The London escorts do not always have to be taken to clubs or restaurants, if you feel like you would like to hire one for such an occasion then just give one of the girls a call and I am sure she would be happy to help.

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