Having lived in various accommodations with flatmates it is safe to say that you have good flat mates and you have bad flat mates. Of course it all depends on the person to determine whether or not a flatmate is good or bad but I think that everyone who has lived with someone that is dirty or makes ridiculous amounts of noise or mess would agree that this is definitely a definition of what a bad house mateon euine is. Anyone that has lived in university halls accommodation will surely have encountered bad house mates too, but his is all part of life. We all wish for the perfect house mates that are clean, don’t cause too much mess, don’t break things or steal things and if we are single guys we will often wish for a hot female housemate like a London escort, this makes me wonder whether having a London escort as a housemate would be the best kind of housemate possible.

Of course I am talking from the perspective of a guy, not that females wouldn’t like to have escorts in London as housemates but I imagine it would benefit guys that little bit more. Having worked with the London escort girls for quite some time now I have seen just how clean and tidy they are, they are all great cooks (which of course I benefit from massively), they are not overly loud or annoying and they do not break stuff or steal anything (apart from the odd bit of chocolate if I have any).

This leads me to believe that they would more then likely be great housemates, although they would probably prove a bit of a distraction when walking around the house looking as sexy as London escorts do, I am sure that this would be a minor thing to have to do with in the grand scheme of things. Not to mention that they are great at giving massages and I am sure that if you wished to hire them for this reason they would have absolutely no objections and you would not even have to ring them, you could just knock on the door, poke your head around the corner (as long as she gives you permission) and just ask.

I don’t mean to get your hopes up though fellas, it is highly unlikely that the girls will consider living with anyone, I was just talking hypothetically as it is nice to sit and dream about the perfect situations sometimes, or in this case the perfect housemate. Many of us are not that lucky unfortunately but if you would like to hire a London escort for an evening or two and experience what it may be like to live with one then give one of the girls a call anytime and arrange it.

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