So William has popped the question to his little minx of a girlfriend. What a babe Kate is but as I looked at her on TV, in the glare of the public eye for the first time, the face looked familiar. No I’m not about to drop the bombshell that Kate used to work for us as a London escort. If that were the case you’d be reading about it in The Sun not on this blog and I’d be sipping a cocktail on my own Caribbean Island. No but take a look our lovely Megan’s face then a look at Kate and you’ll see the resemblance.

As London Escorts go, Megan is class and William could do worse than get Kate a boob job to match her. They’re 36 DD’s if you’re interested William, but they are natural so if you favour that ,best get Kate ‘up the duff’ as soon as possible and then watch those mammaries grow like a couple of prize melons.

You have to admire William because at least he has some taste in women that his Father lacks. As someone who sees a lot of girls passing before my eyes I can honestly say that Camilla, even in her prime, would not have made it as a 24carat Escort in London. She may have made it onto V London who are a little less choosy about who they take and specialise in the old work horses that used to frequent the massage parlours before Escort Agencies took over, but not on our site.

Charles lets face it is simply an idiot and a coward. He married Diana when he didn’t love her, even though he knew that she loved him and it would break her heart then instead of really sacrificing himself to his Country as the Queen has done…he decided he would have his cake and eat it and sneak off and see Camilla on the side. London Escorts and London Escort Agencies get a bad press sometimes, but I think even we have more integrity than that. Plus of course can you imagine slipping out of bed with Diana that radiant, virginal young girl to sneak away to the arms of Camilla, who looks like she’s been kicked very hard in the face by a horse or something. Camilla don’t give up the day job because our customers are not interested in you and you will never join the ranks of the Escorts London has on offer.

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