Just like in most cities London is full of area fans, whatever area you live in or grew up in is where you think the world revolves around, I think it, the London escorts do and I know a load of you guys do as well. It is just one of those innate things that you cannot escape, similarly to when you support a football team (usually one that is in your own area) you will support them through the good and the bad, you will say they are great even though you know they are rubbish and you will laugh at anyone that says there’s is better than yours, the exact same rule applies for areas and in some cases even postcodes within areas. Everyone from West London thinks that West is best and everyone from East London thinks it is cooler than anywhere else, it is just how it is but you know it can actually be quite enjoyable exploring other areas, you might actually find that you quite like it and it gives you a wider knowledge of things to do and places to go in London as well as how to get there if you travel by road or bus.

Having worked with the escorts in London for so long I have always had to hear how much better they know London than I do, which considering a lot of them are not actually from the capital is quite embarrassing. I have always lived in North West London and as a result I am a staunch fan of this side of London. Only in the last few years have I really started to appreciate the other parts of London, particularly east and south. I often thought that there was no point in going to those areas because there was nothing there that could not be found in my own area. Hearing of all the places that the girls had been to convinced me to come out of my area ignorance bubble and I actually found that there are some great places to explore. I went to Angel recently and discovered that there are a whole host of restaurants there, not just your typical chain restaurants but quite unique places that serve very, very nice looking food.  There was me always thinking that my area was the best for food, looks like I was quite wrong on that front.

The same goes for East London, there are loads of great bars and places to eat over on that side of London and it is quite nice to have a walk around there on nice days especially if you have some sexy company. By sexy company you know that I am referring to a London escort, the perfect accompaniment to exploring our great city, but do make sure you come to NW London, it’s still the best!

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