I think as guys we can forget that girls as hot as London escorts are not quite as shallow as us, we don’t have to always work on how we look but maybe a bit more on how we think. It is a common thought that guys with muscles do much better with the ladies, ever since I was younger I was thought that it must be a goal of mine to ensure that I was as big as possible, this was what I thought a guy had to be like, especially if he wanted to ‘get the girl’, but recently, having spoken to the London escorts about this I have realized that this is not the case, of course having a good build will inevitably help toward attracting the females but it is by know means the be all and end all, there are many other factors and in actual fact a lot of the London escort girls said that having big muscles was not actually that attractive or that important at all, something that will be nice to hear for all of those guys that do not go to the gym regularly.

I suppose the London escorts saying that muscles are not actually that important proved not only that we do not have to spend every waking hour at the gym in order to impress girls but also that perhaps women are not quite as shallow as men when it comes to looking for a potential partner. If most of us guys are honest we will more than likely admit that a girl that looks like one of the busty escorts in London would be higher on our list than a girl that perhaps is not so good looking but is incredibly intelligent or funny, unfortunately that just seems to be the way that we were made. But whilst women often portray themselves as not being so focused on how a guy looks I have always been of the belief that this was just a bit of a façade and that in actual fact they do put a lot of significance on this sort of thing. Perhaps muscles are not the most important thing, both the London escorts and quite a few of my female friends agreed with this fact but I think that a lot of females still like a guy to look nice, dress nice and of course actually be nice.

As humans we cannot help being physically attracted to someone, it is the first thing that we are likely to notice in a person and of course it is what is most likely to make you want to engage with that person. But as long as the majority of females (including the escorts in London ) agree that big muscles are not of the utmost importance then I am happy, and I am sure you guys are too!

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