We like to be on the cutting edge of things here at 24 Carat Escorts, where you will always find the best cheap escorts London .  The escort industry is a very competitive one, and the most successful of agencies are always searching for the best ways of meeting our clients’ needs and making sure our escort girls get the best marketing available. We know that many gentlemen who call are bowled over by the beautiful, genuine photographs which appear on our site. However, there are so many unscrupulous agencies out there that put fake or heavily airbrushed photos on their sites that turn clients off completely. Putting your best photo forward is definitely required of escort girls, but it is also important not to mislead the client so that he does a serious double take when you turn up to meet him. The fact is that real beautiful women exist, and we should celebrate the fact that many of them are happy to spend time with us average Joes.

So, in keeping with our innovative approach to the industry, 24 Carat Escorts has decided to launch our very own video campaign for real beauty. A look on our site will show you that many of our escort girls now have videos for your viewing pleasure. You get to witness, first hand, how gorgeous and sensual these girls are. It is proof that all the photos on our site belong to 100% genuine women, who are just as beautiful as portrayed in their photos. You can see the real brilliant smile of that gorgeous brunette escort you’ve been thinking of booking. You can experience the grace and elegance of our brunette escorts, as they flaunt their bodies for the camera. You can certainly fantasize that it is your hand stroking the length of their gorgeous legs. Or imagine that shapely body laying on the sofa is cuddled up against your own on a cold winter’s night.  Our video clips will give you a tantalising taste of our escort girls that will certainly have you eager to meet them.
The good news is that they are just as eager to meet you! Booking one of our escort girls is quick and simple, and a phone call to our receptionists will confirm the details in a fast and friendly manner.  The girl you admire in the video could soon be on her way to you and fantasy could indeed become reality.

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