We have an ever expanding group of escorts here at 24carat, London’s best Cheap Escort Agency. Recruitment is continuous, to make up for our London Escorts who leave us either permanently or temporarily, and we are constantly adding new Escort Girls to the site. However, at any point we’ll have quite a few ladies whose profiles and photos are not available for public viewing.

These London Escorts are not unlisted because of any questionable or offensive reason. They are most certainly not ugly crones that we do not publicise on the website but attempt to covertly foist on our unsuspecting clients. But there are a few reasons.

1. She’s brand new to escorting. We all know this is a very visual industry – your photos are extremely important. If a new Escort Girl is successful in her interview, the next step for her is to arrange for a professional photo shoot. Top studios often take a while to make a booking, but in the meantime there is a fresh faced beauty ready to work. Do we keep her hidden away until her photos are done? Absolutely not! Instead, we recommend her to great clients like yourself who provide her with the best possible introduction to escort work.

2. Her photos need refreshing. Again, related to point one. Things need to be kept fresh and current, even for firm favourites. Sometimes a London Escort has changed her hairstyle, or honed her svelte physique even more. We certainly don’t want to be misrepresenting Escort Girls on our site, and so periodically request that fresh photos be done. During which time we may suspend her profile page.

3. She does not wish to be listed. We’re sure you appreciate that privacy and discretion are highly prized in this industry. Several of the London Escorts who work with us do not wish to have their photos or details on the site, relying instead on receptionist’s recommendation and client referrals. Most are professional women who enjoy the thrill of a potential sensual encounter, yet who retain an interest in protecting their reputation.

The best way to learn more about unlisted Escort Girls is to ask our friendly receptionists when you ring to make a booking. They’ll happily provide you with a description of the Escort, and arrange for her to meet with you at an agreed time.

We have yet to receive a complaint from clients who have always been pleasantly surprised by their fantastic draw from the Goodie Bag that is unlisted Escort Girls.


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