It isn’t too long now until the royal wedding and the double bank holiday weekends that we have all been looking forward to for so long. It should be a nice little break for everyone and people will have been planning something fun to do over those weekends for quite some time, especially those that have taken some time off in the middle of it to make it a cheeky little holiday.

After announcing that they were to wed the happy couple were swift to let us know that the date would be in April, one week after the Easter weekend. As a sort of gift to the British public, the government has been kind (for once) by announcing that the weekend of their marriage will include an extra bank holiday day on the Friday (April 29th), which of course is followed by May Day on May 2nd.

This makes it 4 bank holiday days (when you include Easter Monday and Good Friday the week before). You might be wondering what my point is, but hopefully bearing with me will have been worth it…. Basically, if you take off the 3 days between the two bank holidays (26th,27th and 28th) then from only taking 3 days of holiday you will actually have 11 days off! Amazing, I know! So start making plans to get away (unless you really want to stay for the wedding) and give one of our London escorts a call.

This kind of phenomena does not happen often, in fact, I cant remember their ever really being an opportunity like this, to go away for a week or 10 days straight in the middle of the year, unless you book the whole time off of work of course. So I think that you guys should all take advantage of it and try to get away for a little while and take one of our busty escorts in London along with you.

I mean absolutely no disrespect to William and Katie, I appreciate their marriage for getting us all an extra day off of work, but in all honesty I am not patriotic enough to stick around and watch their wedding on TV, a few pictures of the happy couple on the day will suffice just fine. I think you will find that many of our escorts in London are of the same opinion, so don’t worry about calling one of them up, it is highly unlikely that you will end up with an angry London escort screaming down the phone about how shocked she is that you have asked her to leave the country during the royal wedding. As a bonus the girls will not charge extra due to it being bank holiday, they charge the same hourly rate, day or night, incall or outcall, so hiring a London escort is wallet friendly!

Massive thank you has to go to William and Katie for deciding to get married, it has benefited us all.

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