I remember when I was about nineteen and the world of London escorts wasn’t even a twinkle in my eye, and I was standing at a bus stop in the rain. A pretty girl about my age arrived at the stop, soaked to the skin and huddled inside her flimsy jacket. It was one of those shelter-less bus stops and the bus wasn’t due for ten minutes yet. Luckily for me my mum had stuffed an umbrella into my hands when I left that morning. I glanced over at the poor, umbrella-less girl, who seemed barely aware that I was there, as the driving rain blinded her. A brave lad, really, I took a deep breath and sidled over to her. She looked a little startled and I almost bottled it, but couldn’t think of a good excuse for having edged over to her in such a deliberate sort of way. I forced out something like ‘Hel-lo, would you like to share my umbrella?’ She smiled and actually agreed! We spent the next ten minutes chattering away, and discovered we had things in common such as our brothers being at the same school. I found it was really easy to talk to her, allaying my earlier apprehension. She sat next to me on the bus and we carried on chatting until it was time for her to get off. And that was that. It wasn’t the start of any great romance but it stuck in my memory as a very successful social exchange that reassured me I wasn’t some ugly ogre in the eyes of women.

I’m lucky in that I’m pretty confident, but I think it was also the fortune of having had that positive experience when I was nineteen. A lot of people say they get really nervous about meeting other new people, and even let it stop them doing things. A friend of mine refuses to go on blind dates because he hates the idea of going in ‘cold’ like that. He says he could never go on a date with a London escort because he’d be absolutely terrified and wouldn’t know what to talk about with her. I’ve explained to him that dating a busty escort in London

is actually a lot easier than a prospective mate, for several reasons. The first one is that you know exactly how long the date is going to last, so if you’re nervous you just have to tell yourself that it will be over all too soon so you may as well make the most of it. Another reason is blonde escorts in London

have no expectations of their clients – they’re not looking to marry you, just spend an hour or two with you. Similarly, it’s no point worrying about making a fool of yourself because you never have to see the girl again if you don’t want to. And the other reason to just relax is because

London escorts are professional daters – they’re used to having nervous clients and having to steer the date along and put you at your ease.

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