No one likes to pick up an injury, whether you play a sport of just have a general accident it is never any fun picking up an injury and having to go to the hospital or go to physiotherapy sessions. Back in my football days (not professional, just Sunday league, I was never that good) I picked up a few bad injuries and there is nothing worse than having to sit and recover when all you want to do it get back out there and play again.

It isn’t like when you are a professional footballer and you pick up an injury but still get paid £100,000 a week to sit in the hospital or physio room, this is a bit less glamorous and is in no way enjoyable. But people do say that we should make the most out of a bad situation so what better way to make the most of a situation like this than to hire a London escort.

If your injury is one that is bad enough that it requires you to spend a lot of time in hospital then you will know doubt be pretty dam bored for much of this time. An injury like breaking an arm or a leg is one that will require you to be at the hospital for quite a lengthy period and it is always nice to have a bit of company if you do find yourself in this situation, no one wants to be sitting in a hospital alone while they recover from an injury, this is where hiring an escort in London becomes essential, who better to sit by your bedside and keep you company than a busty escort in London?

Often if you have some sort of muscle injury it is a good idea to get massages as they help to relax and repair the muscle, so you have yet another excuse to give a London escort a call and hire her. Many of the girls give fantastic massages (which are included in their hourly rate, absolutely no extra charge for them at all), so if a nice full service massage sounds like something that may help your injury that is a perfect example of making the best of a bad situation, you break a bone or injure a muscle and end up with gorgeous London escorts keeping you company and attending to your injuries, not the worst situation in the world I wouldn’t have thought!

The girls are all on call 24 hours a day 7 days a week so they are always available if and whenever you need them, just don’t go trying to hurt yourself so you have an excuse!

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