Well well well, two days in a row and London is experiencing the best weather we have seen in what feels like an eternity. It looks as though those cold winter days/nights are finally behind us, the cars have not been frosty first thing in the morning for quite some time and I have not felt that desperate need to get indoors every time I step outside the house.

My trip to the London escort HQ in the last two mornings has been incredibly different from the journey over the past few months. Whilst I still get the same trains and walk down the same roads it feels completely different now that the sun is out. For starters everyone seems a lot happier and not to mention the fact that I can just wear a tshirt and a light jacket rather than the customary five layers that make me feel like an Eskimo in the Antarctic.

It is not only the commute to work that has become more pleasant with this lovely weather that we have been having but it is also the experience of being at work that seems a lot more pleasant. The sun shining through the windows at the London escort HQ makes the whole place feel a lot nicer and couple that with the fact that the busty escorts in London start to wear a little bit less , all in all it is quite a nice place to be when the sun is out, I know, I am indeed lucky!

Living in London is quite funny when the spring rolls around, we have all been walking around in the eternal darkness that envelopes us through the winter months for so long and pining for a little bit of warmth and sunshine that the second the sun actually decides to show its face everyone seems to get a little bit over excited. On my way to work at the London escort HQ this morning I saw three or four people in shorts and more people than I can count wearing flip flops, I know it is warm, but let’s not get too ahead of ourselves.

We all know how quickly the weather can turn in our lovely city and it is because of this that I still carry around an emergency scarf and hoodie in bag. You can quite easily go into a supermarket or shopping centre for an hour or two and come out to conditions that just do not match those that were present when you went in. So although there are many of us at the London escort HQ in a very positive mood regarding the weather we are still not quite ready to put those scarves, gloves and hats away just yet, we’ll give it a few more weeks I think!


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