I went out to a club in central London over the bank holiday weekend, I haven’t actually been to one of those ‘celebrity/footballer’ clubs in quite some time but I agreed to go because it was a mates birthday and he had a guestlist sorted out. Due to the fact that we were on the list I assumed that it would not be too expensive a night, I thought we would probably get in and perhaps get some free drinks, this is just how I though these things usually work having been to these places with the London escorts on numerous occasions. What  I did not realise was the fact that they are gorgeous females and I am a not so gorgeous male, this translates to the fact that I do not get in for free and I have to pay for my drinks where as they do get in free and will more than likely get free drinks and if not have drinks bought for them by admirers. So I got in and ended up paying £20 just to get in the doors, as it was a mates birthday I didn’t think this was too bad and I had another £20 on me so I thought I could get a few drinks in no problem… I though wrong.

I went to the bar and ordered a Jack Daniels and Coke, the barman gave me my drink and I gave him a £20 note, he then returned with my change on one of those little silver trays and there were 3 measly pound coins, yes that’s right, £3.00. I called him back and laughed and said to him that he had obviously given me the wrong change, he said “no mate, JD and coke is £17.00, I couldn’t believe it. There were a couple of London escorts walking around with free drinks in their hands and there is me with my £17.00 Jack Daniels and Coke. As you can imagine I ended up spending a fair amount of money that I really did not want to spend and it ended up being quite an annoying night.

The next night I went to friends house party, a house warming and royal wedding celebration all rolled into one. I spent £15.00 on 6 beers and a bottle of wine, a dam sight better value for money then the night before and it was a lot more fun too to be honest. Chuck in a London escort too as a sort of joint host and you have a good night on your hands, so throw some more house parties guys and make sure you fit in some escorts in London.

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