I think it must be very difficult being gay. And probably more so for women than for men, as the whole issue of lesbianism seems a little more taboo and less cool, somehow. Lets face it; most of us probably don’t have a very glamorous impression of lesbianism (discounting the far sexier porn fantasy stuff of course). As such, I reckon there are probably many gay women out there who keep their true desires under wraps, and risk never really finding fulfillment I know some women can turn their sexual Catholicism to their advantage – for example many of our London Escorts are bisexual, and this only serves to enhance their appeal, versatility and freedom, especially as they are regularly mixing with other girls like them.

But for a ‘normal’ girl with average looks, a rather limited working life and a small suburban social life such as my friend Jenny*, it can be very difficult indeed to find another girl with whom to open up with. Jenny has gone through her 20s dating men that can’t satisfy her, and staying in unhappy relationships with men because she needs to feel desired, even if just by a man. She’s fairly shy, and doesn’t meet new people very easily. Whenever she’s been single, though, she has made efforts to meet other gay girls. Once, for example, she attended a lesbian group called ‘Hiking Dykes’! All of her little experiments have got her nowhere, alas. The groups tend to be small and old-fashioned, comprising older, very unattractive lesbian ladies. Jenny wants to meet a girl that she can be attracted to, and hopefully become intimate with in a way she has never been able to with a man.

I suggested to her that she try using a London Escort Agency such as 24-Carat Escorts, as there are plenty of bisexual girls who would be more than happy to spend time with a lovely girl like Jenny, and provide her with some of the kind of contact she’s been craving for so long. She’s open to the idea so I’ve been telling her about some of our girls – the blonde escorts, the busty escorts, the black escorts. I mentioned the possibility of Karmen, a gorgeous English brunette whose confidence would help ease Jenny’s nerves. Or maybe the huge-breasted Sandra, who’d be able to provide Jenny an extra-large dose of just what she’s been missing. Or if that were a bit intimidating, perhaps she’d be more comfortable with the lovely, blonde Jennifer.

More than anything, I think that Jenny needs to get used to spending time in the company of lovely ladies who can return feelings of attraction. Our London Escorts are experts at dealing with all kinds of clients – men and women, experienced and inexperienced, young and old. They’re all picked for their people skills as well as their looks, and can tailor their own manner to best accommodate the person they’re with.As Jenny lives in Colchester she was worried she would have to use an un-vouched for small escort agency, but I assured her our 24-Carat provides escorts in Essex too.

We can send girls out to all the counties surrounding London, or the client can visit the girls at apartments in the city. Whatever suits.

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