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So you’ve had an amazing date with your 24carat Escort Girl. The meal went brilliantly, with the conversation flowing as freely as the wine. She joined you on the dance floor for a slow, romantic sway around the room, and you loved the way she arched like a cat when you stroked your fingertips along the length of her spine. The after dinner drinks were intoxicating. The after dinner party was sensually divine, and for the life of you, you can remember few details about the evening except how amazing it was.

Congrats on having an authentic 24carat experience. We want you to be relaxed and entertained while in the company of your London Escort, as the both of you share a mutually enjoyable experience. As the best cheap escort agency in London, we aim to prove that beautiful women can and do provide excellent companionship without the need for high rates. And we seem to be on the right track, as you keep coming back for more.

While we certainly appreciate the return business, there is one other very important thing you can do. Writing a review for your Escort Girl is a really nice gesture, and one of the best ways of preserving your memorable experience. Clients often read the reviews written by others to determine if the girl who catches their eye is as professional yet fun loving as her profile says she is. Your feedback helps them out significantly, and can certainly result in your favourite Escort Girl becoming a leading lady within the agency. Now, in case you’re starting to feel jealous, remember that this is her job – she needs regular clients to keep her in the black. There is no need to be worried about your identity – all reviews can be done anonymously. Just tell us the time of your booking, the duration, your ranking of the London Escorts looks and performance, and your general comments.

And even if your experience was average, or uncharacteristically poor, its still good to let us know. In fact, we’d really like to know in cases such as those. We deal with all complaints and reports of unsatisfactory service promptly and efficiently. Most times the young lady concerned was simply having an off day, and quickly comes back up to scratch. Other times requires a parting of ways to preserve our hard earned reputation. But the fact remains – we need to hear from you. We’re even prepared to throw in a free in call date for a lucky reviewer.


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