Paying for Your Escort Service

Your date with a London Escort should be a relaxing and enjoyable time for the both of you. Its a golden opportunity to unwind, and share the company of a beautiful woman. There are conversations to be had, glasses of wine to be sipped, and cuddles to be shared. Getting the preliminaries out of the way within the first few minutes of your meeting is simply smart, and will put you both at ease. So, how do you pay for your Escort date?

It seems like everything can be paid for with a credit or debit card in London. From your parking to your morning coffee, more and more establishments are allowing you to pay using this method. But this isn’t always true with escort services. Most independent escorts and agencies do not accept cards.  Why is that? Remember that there are significant charges attached to processing card transactions, all of which can and do impact on the cost of the service. For a cheap escort agency in london such as 24carat, this would result in us being not so cheap anymore. Our lovely £110 London Escorts would be much more expensive.

That aside, there are benefits for you in paying cash as well. It is much more secure, as no one need have your card details. Every transaction creates a paper trail, and so your privacy is more assured if you use cash. Its more convenient for the Escort Girls as well to be paid in this way, saving them the delays in getting their payment through card companies.

24carat Escorts only accepts cash payments on behalf of our Escort Girls. We do however, accept other currencies in the event you are visiting from overseas. Should you wish to pay in Euros or American dollars, let our receptionist know at the point of booking. We’ll convert it to sterling and tell you the precise amount due for your London Escort’s time.

And there you have it. Knowing your payment options beforehand helps you to plan your date more effectively. Its respectful to your date to have the correct amount ready at the beginning of your meeting. Remember that this is her means of earning her living, and is a matter of some importance. The sooner this detail is out of the way, the quicker the evening’s events can get underway.

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