It’s amazing how far the topics of male image and male health have come in the last ten or twenty years – I think it’s an example of one of those social phenomena, perpetrated by the media, that rise up out of nowhere and become a massive industry.

Men pamper themselves more than ever before – going to salons, like women do (especially perfectly groomed London escorts), to receive facials, manicures, waxes. Sure, it’s to a lesser extent than women, but a man using moisturizer or getting laser treatment really doesn’t turn heads these days. We all accept that men are much more interested in looking after themselves than in years gone by, and on the whole, it is an improvement. I know some women find it off-putting to see men over-preening, and prefer them more as God intended, but there are also those that appreciate the work they put in, like men do with women.

Self-image has become so important to men that it’s now generally accepted that they, like women, suffer the pressure of seeing perfect male models in the media with bodies that are pretty much unattainable. It’s shocking that increasing numbers of men are becoming anorexic, demonstrating that it’s not just women that suffer from body dimorphic issues.

It’s not hard to find magazines these days devoted to men – their looks, their interests and their health. While it’s normally a good thing for men to be taking better care of themselves, they do go overboard sometimes, either developing unhealthy habits such as bad diets and ending up anorexic, or paying so much attention to the way they look that they forget to develop a good personality to go along with their Adonis figure, and end up repelling women rather than attracting them.

I’ve been chatting to our girls about these kinds of issues. It’s interesting to hear the views of women who spend so much time with a huge variety of men in a dating or intimate context.

As I’d expected, most of them agreed that while they prefer men to make an effort with their appearance and take care of their health, spending time with a man that checks himself out in every shop window is a massive turn-off! Our busty escorts put a lot of effort into looking fabulous and love to be with a man that notices this and compliments them on it. Girls love it when you notice their extra-bling earrings! Blonde escorts will be disappointed if a guy doesn’t notice how shiny her freshly dyed platinum hair is!

That said, London escorts tend to be an easygoing bunch, and are used to going on dates with every type of man, from the dishevelled to the peacocks among you. Reassuringly, the consensus is that once you’re with someone, it’s really what they say and do that matters more than their hairstyle or what suit they’re wearing. What the girls really want out of the evening is a fun time with a guy who notices how gorgeous she is, and tells her so. If he’s scrubbed under his nails before the date, then all the better.

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