London escorts have long been at the centre of the capital’s most powerful institutions. Even though there have always been prudes who view the valuable companionship services provided by these ladies in a less than impressive light, they have nonetheless managed to make their mark in history.
Today’s 24 Carat notable escort can definitely be described as trend setting. For those of you who spent history class daydreaming about escort girls, you may not have learnt much about Charles II, who came to the throne after the death of Oliver Cromwell in 1660. Well, we’re not too interested in him ourselves, but we are fascinated by Nell Gwyn, one of his long standing mistresses. Nell was, for many years, her time’s version of an escort girl, who once sold oranges on the streets of the capital, earning her the nickname orange Nell.  Not much is known of this brunette escort’s early life, save that it was quite challenging and difficult, the norm for most of the working classes at that time.

Nell became an actress, and grew to be quite popular on the London theatre scene. She attracted several rich and powerful gentlemen as her benefactors, and of course, they soon sought to use her considerable charms to sway the king’s favour. Charles II is said to have met Nell at the staging of one of her plays in 1668. Her wit, charm and beauty captivated him, and she remained his mistress for the rest of her life.  She was very well provided for, and had several sons by the king.
Despite her lowly background, Nell was a very well liked character by the public, who admired her for her dry wit. This London escort was a true Cinderella story, using all the assets at her disposal to create a life worthy of any of the city’s finest residents. She was apparently well liked for her outspokenness, and she persuaded the king to undertake several important initiatives on behalf of the common folk. It is said that she was the one to encourage Charles II to build a hospital in Chelsea for ex servicemen, and she left a legacy in her will for prisoners of Newgate prison. One very famous descendant of Nell Gwynn is no other than Samantha Cameron!
So as you can see, Escorts London have always been very interesting women. Find out what the centuries of fuss is about and call our receptionists to book a date with one of these charming ladies.

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