Few escorts have captured the attention of the internet generation as comprehensively and (financially) successfully as Brooke Magnanti, known to her devoted blog followers as Belle du Jour.  Until a year ago, no one had any idea who this woman was, or if she was real. But that did not stop them from reading her amusing blog, buying her books and watching the television programme based on her exploits. Her commentary on her work as a London escort certainly helped to promote the city’s industry, and gentlemen became increasingly fascinated by their obvious charm.

Belle du Jour’s blog entries brought to wide public attention the involvement of so called middle class young ladies in the escort industry. You could not mistake the fact that this was a very well educated lady, whose amusing commentary highlighted the dilemmas faced by many escort girls trying to manage their often complex lives. We read all about Belle’s sensual exploits, enjoyed her frank opinions, and secretly envied her income. She was the subject of admiring letters and condemnatory sermons, all while remaining a secret identity. When she chose to reveal herself as Dr Brooke Magnanti, cancer research scientist, many could scarcely believe it, and few applauded her for accomplishing the very goal she engaged in escort work to afford – a higher education. The fact is that many women opt to become escorts London because of the many benefits they offer, including the flexibility of earning a decent income while pursuing other interests. This is not a sudden phenomenon – history has a long record of escort girls who have used their work to their advantage, some of whom even became consorts of kings and important businesswomen.
Belle du Jour, like most London escorts, is a smart, sexy woman whose honesty helped to dispatch many stereotypes about escort girls and smart beautiful women in general.  She’s doing what she loves, accepts herself for who she is, and has made a tidy fortune doing it. With future cuts coming in funding for universities and a reduction in support for families, there is little doubt that more and more young ladies will view this as a viable means of funding their tuition.  With the current wave of tabloid stories detailing the exploits of UK escorts set to continue, there is little doubt that these ladies will attract the attention of men everywhere.
As for Belle herself, she’s happily engaging in research, and her blog is not as funny as it used to be. Unless, of course, you’d like to attend a science convention.

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