Well, it is 2011, and what a fantastic way to start off the year, our lovely government, who promised that they would not be upping VAT have gone and don’t just that, pushing Value Added Tax up from 17.5% to a grim sounding 20%. Yes, this means that pretty much everything that we might decide to buy as of this week will cost us all 2.5% more…excellent! If any of you were out in central London on New Years Day, or the two days preceding it, you will have noticed that pretty much everyone in the city was out with you. The shops were all crammed with hoards and hoards of people all looking to buy that HDTV or laptop before the looming VAT increase. But do not fear, as although everything from socks to petrol has risen in price, our London escorts are still charging the exact same amount of money per hour.

Having glanced at a bunch of newspapers over the last few days I have been treated to list after list of exactly how much more living in England is going to cost me, from my food to my clothes to my train tickets, absolutely everything seems as though it is going to cost more money. I am sure the same goes for many of you guys, so I hope that it is refreshing to know that the next time you decide to treat yourself to an escort in London you will not get a little surprise as you reach for your wallet and hear that it is going to cost you more than you expected.

This month is a great time to hire one of our busty escorts in London, January is famously a month when people walk around looking depressed as we all fall back down to reality after the care free festivities of the Christmas and New Year period we all begin to ask ourselves how it is possible that in one space of time (End of December) we can be enjoying ourselves so much and in the next (beginning of January), everything seems pretty crap as we go back to work and have to wait extra long for that elusive January pay day. Many of you will be thinking of treating yourselves by hitting the sales, hoping that you can find a bargain worthy enough to spend your last bit of money on, and one that does not reflect the annoying rise in VAT. But instead of splashing out on that pair of jeans that you don’t need, just because they are 50% off, why not treat yourself to something different and hire one of our London escorts. A pair of jeans may take away the January blues for a day or two but a night or two with a would have a much longer lasting effect, and it wont cost you 2.5% more than it did a week ago!

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