Is it just me or does it seem as though the government are slowly trying to faze out alcohol and cigarettes. Over the past ten years or so there have been so many changes to the price and consumption of alcohol and cigarettes that it is starting to look like the people in power do not want people smoking or drinking anymore, an idea that has not gone down well here at the London escort HQ.  One of the escorts in London showed me an article in a newspaper today that broke the terrible news that the recent budget has announced a hire tax on both alcohol and cigarettes meaning that from Monday next week we will all have to be digging even deeper into our pockets for a pint of beer, a glass of wine or a packet of cigarettes, as if it wasn’t expensive enough already, they have gone and made it even more so!

This comes after the announcement last week that as of next year cigarettes and tobacco will not allowed to be displayed behind counters in local corner shops and supermarkets, they will have to be sold from underneath the counter like some sort of illegal drug that we should not really be buying. I was going off on one of my rants about this to one of the London escorts last week and she did have a good point that this will probably stop people that are trying to quit from buying cigarettes if they pop to the shop for some bread. I have never been a massive smoker but I have been tempted to buy myself a pack if I have been standing at the counter of a shop, so I do understand why they are implementing it, but it does just seem like they are trying to make it almost a taboo.

The same sorts of measures have not yet been enforced when it comes to alcohol, but the way that things are going at the moment it would not at all surprise me if this was to become a reality. There is often talk of ‘booze Britain’ and the binge drinking culture that is causing so much trouble in the town centres across the country. This has prompted the government to want to raise the price of alcohol a hell of a lot more than it already is in order to deter people from drinking so much, again an idea that has not gone down in the London escort HQ.

Why should us sensible people be punished for the amount that a certain few foolish individuals choose to drink? It certainly isn’t looking good at the moment so I would advise everyone get out this weekend and have a few drinks before it all goes up on Monday and before they make it illegal in the next 10 years or so, they wouldn’t dare would they?

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