After leaving the London Escorts HQ recently, I went for a drink with a couple of my closest friends, who told me off for being too busy with work the past few weeks and thus unavailable for our Monday get-togethers. Needless to say, drinks were on me, and all was forgiven by the time the pint glasses touched the coasters. We did the usual exchange of personal news and I established quickly that both were still single (what, no whirlwind romances in the last 3 weeks? Boring!) – one happily and one rather sorrowfully.

Following the catch-up we briefly and dispassionately discussed the Formula 1 World Championship finale, slated X-Factor and compared notes on footie season tickets for next year. Then we launched reliably into our favourite topic – dating!

Both friends have been throwing themselves into the dating world this year, with mixed results-mainly short affairs and crossed wires, resulting in them swearing off the dating scene until a new babe took their fancy. A review of their exploits led to a discussion about dating generally, and as a curious member of the industry, I asked them questions about what makes a good date, or a bad one, what their ideas of a perfect first date were, what makes for an awful one – that sort of thing. This all nursed by beers two and three.

Colin talked about how the best dates occur when you realise you’re out with someone who’s on the same wavelength as you – you both want the same things, and are committed, at the very least, to having a wonderful date, even if nothing else comes of it. Davey agreed, and added that his best date that year had been with a French girl that had fallen in love with his accent! They had spent a happy and sometimes hilarious evening teaching each other to say things in the other’s accent.

“It doesn’t usually work out like that though”, Davey conceded. “Most of the time I get the horrible sense that she doesn’t want to be there, and was wondering what she saw in me in the first place. As soon as I pick up on that, I just rush the date through to its end as fast as possible. And I hate it”, he was on a roll now, and I scribbled my mental notes, “ When it looks like they haven’t even made any effort. As if they’ve already decided it’s not worth it, before going out. One girl looked like she hadn’t brushed her hair for days! Or maybe it was just ‘designer messy’” he added cynically.

Colin and I grinned. We’ve all been there. “The worst thing, though” said Colin, “Are blind dates”. I grimaced in support. He continued, “I hate that sinking feeling I get when I spot who I think my date is, and it’s just so clear, immediately, that she’s wrong. And you know you have to spend the next two or three hours with that person, out of duty”.

This conversation led me to think, yet again, how London Escorts will never be the cause of these types of problems for hapless men! Whereas, on most ordinary dates you never really know what you’re going to get (and I’m reliably informed by just about everyone I speak to that this is to be feared rather than eagerly anticipated), when you book an escort you can plan exactly what you’re going to get – and know that it’ll be damn good. I told my friends that men using the services of a quality agency for Escorts in London, such as ’24-Carat Escorts’ can take their pick of just about any girl their imaginations can dream up. Blonde Escort in London? Check. Brunette escort in London?

‘A little red-head with perky breasts and a cute accent?’ asked Davey. Of course!

And not only can you pick your ideal date, on a physical level, you can also select someone who has similar likes to yourself, guaranteeing a harmonious date. You can rest assured that the girl will be well-groomed (!) and VERY pleased to be spending time with you.

Then it’s up to you what you do for the actual date – maybe ballroom dancing, a lovely dinner, or just a cosy evening at home. If you don’t feel like going out, the girl comes to you. And the best thing is – you just know that she’s going to enjoy the date, whatever you end up doing, leaving two people very happy!

Seriously, if I was still single and craving a great evening with amazing company, my first stop would undoubtedly be London Escorts .

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