As Elvis would say…a little less conversation a little more action’ is the order of the day with our London Escorts . I keep getting complaints from the girls that you guys just want to sit around chatting to them. For God’s sake let’s see some action. My Escorts in London are light highly strung race horses. They’ve been bred and trained to give you a date to remember. It’s a bit like driving a Ferrari in Central London in Traffic, the cards built for speed not crawling along in a traffic jam at 5 miles an hour.

So you see if you want to have a long discussion about the state of the economy, send Jeremy Paxman a Twitter, if you want a raunchy time with a girl whose automatic response is to give you pleasure then book one of our Busty Escorts in London and lets party on dude. Then maybe the girls will stop bending my ear and complaining that the clients aren’t giving them what they want, aren’t delivering their side of the bargain,aren’t performing to an acceptable level.

I’m sorry to nag but an Escort in London has a reputation to maintain. They are the ‘creme de la creme’ of English Escorts, London is THE place to visit and THE place to find beautiful girls, we’ve just made it easier by relieving you of that troublesome boys finds girl, woos girl, is rejected by girl, scenario. There’s no such thing as rejection with a 24 Carat Girl, they’re all up for a good time and living in London, lets face it ,the possibilities are endless. Anything from a night on the town dancing or restaurant or maybe just an intimate hour or two for you to get to know each other on a physical level (no not jogging on Hampstead Heath).

So buck up your ideas boys and give our beautiful escorts a real workout for your money.

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