Despite being a relatively small area in the Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea with no official massage parlour Gloucester Road still manages to offer SW7 massage thanks to some of the gorgeous 24-Carat escort girls that live around there. When it comes to top quality massage Gloucester Road escort girls go all out to put themselves and their home on the map.

Sandwiched between the very posh Kensington and the increasingly posh Earl’s Court, Gloucester Road is a little gem of a place – quieter and less frantic than much of the capital yet still with plenty to do. There are some particularly nice restaurants, hotels and pubs that are very upmarket but without the ridiculous prices you’d expect in some ‘bigger name’ parts of London. The property market is pretty respectable too – for anyone attending a massage Gloucester Road is one of the better locations in terms of classy, sizable and comfortable apartments. They’re not cheap, either, and you can guarantee that any escort girl living in such a place has successfully made a name for herself in the escorting world.

All the girls represented by 24-Carat living in the area are stunning – just look at their photos on the 24-Carat website – but I admit to having a particular soft spot for the beautiful brunette Patty, who once demonstrated to me her skills when it comes to delivering an unbeatable SW7 massage. Patty is olive-skinned, black-haired, and I always think of her as ‘bright eyed and bushy tailed’. She’s always smiley, chirpy and fun to be around, as well as being unbelievably gorgeous. At just 22 she’s mastered the kind of escorting prowess you’d normally only expect to see from someone a few years older, and at 24-Carat we’re feeling very lucky indeed to have her on our books – she never gets taken for granted, believe me! This is especially the case since I went on a ‘test date’ with Patty, visiting her at home and checking her skill level before letting her loose on 24-Carat’s loyal clients. During the date, which was fun, easy, light-hearted and romantic, Patty treated me to one of her ‘special’ massages that had the surprising effect of making me giggle like a schoolgirl! I think this girl has some kind of drug-like effect on the brain – I’d go as far as to suggest avoiding driving after a date with the delectable Patty!

If you do decide to go for a ‘Patty Special’ massage Gloucester Road is my recommendation for where to hold the date, since Patty’s apartment here makes for an ideal location in terms of accessibility, comfort and privacy – like her, the flat is light, airy and positive. Additionally, with it’s decent bars and other venues, for anyone attending a massage SW7 is a good district to be wandering around with your escort prior to or following your massage. After all if you have a massage with someone like Patty you may find you need a stiff drink afterwards!

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