When a friend of mine, Charlie, was looking to go to a massage parlour Central London was the place he typed into Google. He lives in London anyway and wasn’t looking to have to travel far to get his de-stressing rub down. However, for Charlie, the person delivering the massage is an important component of the whole experience – for example, he certainly wouldn’t want a massage from a man, and even less so from some aging, matronly woman who got out of breath just rubbing the oil in her hands. So I suggested to Charlie that if the person giving the treatment is so important to him, maybe he should consider getting the kind of massage Central London escorts could deliver.

Charlie was open to the idea, and I got him scouring photos and profiles on the 24-Carat web page, so he could see exactly whom he’d be dealing with – or who’d be dealing with him – during his massage. There’s certainly a lot of choice. When it comes to massage Central London escorts are well qualified and very keen to impress, so clients really can’t go wrong. A few of my favourite  W1 massage girls: Cleo, without a doubt, is one of the loveliest girls in 24-Carat’s portfolio – young, smart, sassy and Bulgarian, with the perfect figure. She loves to go out on ‘proper dates’, but also enjoys staying in to provide much-needed massages to achy clients. Another girl near the top of my list is the absolutely gorgeous young Heidi, who has poise and sophistication beyond her years, and delivers mind-boggling massages! Hot on her heels is the sexy brunette Daniela, who approaches massage treatments in the same way she does everything else – vigorously and with buckets of enthusiasm! In the end my friend opted for a date with the lovely Cleo, who’s based in Earl’s Court. This was pretty convenient for Charlie, who only had to travel a few stops on the underground, and then it was just a short walk to Cleo’s apartment. Any massage parlour W1 escorts run are easy to get to, and never that far from a tube station. Cleo left a huge impression on Charlie – not physically of course, she’s way too gentle for that. Charlie told me afterwards that during the massage he was so relaxed he felt he was being rocked to sleep in a little boat at sea, with the world’s sexiest mermaid smiling down at him! I suggested he give up the booze, but I do know what he means, as the powerful effects of a W1 massage can transport you to another time and place.

So, as my friend discovered, if you want a world-class massage Central London girls are more than capable of delivering it, either in the comfort of their home, your home, or some other agreed location. Luckily London is a big and varied city, so there are always plenty of options for places to go with an escort, whether or not a massage is included.

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