I’ve been so busy lately I really feel I could do with my own personal secretary to help me deal with the work- load, not just at the London escort office but also in my own life. It’s been particularly chaotic because a week ago I moved house, as I was fed up with a) not having enough space for all my crap and b) the long journey to work everyday, which was wasting over an hour of my precious time each way.The move caused a lot of headaches, especially as things seemed to keep going wrong, necessitating many frustrating phone calls to try and get things sorted. A week after moving in, and I’m still barely unpacked, apart from the essentials. And as for decorating, forget it. I’ve barely had time to put the dinner table up, let along embark on my interior design aspirations. Apart from the move there have been other things stealing away my time, such as Xmas and New Year, my friends’ unseasonable wedding, and my sister visiting from Cornwall.What little spare time I’ve had has been shoehorned out of the day because I’m a big believer in making ‘me time’ no matter how busy I’ve been. The rarity of this time has made me appreciate it more than usual, and I try to use it wisely – for example by catching up with friends, playing some football or going for a run.

Some people actually have busier lives than me, if that’s possible, but I think most still try to make time for whatever it is that gives them the most relief from the pressures of everyday life. It might be drinking, having sex, going to the gym, fishing or whatever. It’s something different for everyone, but it’s always essential for preserving sanity.

It occurs to me how well cheap escorts in London can fit into those precious slots of time for busy folk, providing a fun date for whatever activities are top of the client’s list, available at short notice and able to fit perfectly into heavily booked schedules. I don’t think there can be anything that is more ‘anti-work’ than an hour or two with a sexy blonde escort in London who can make everything else seem totally irrelevant.  What better antidote to work and life stress than a sensual massage by a busty escort in London

I think life’s just too short to do nothing but work all the time, or attend to the mundane chores. Sure, most of them probably do need to be completed at some point, but when it comes down to it diaries can always be adjusted, meetings shifted, schedules loosened etc, even if it only frees up an hour. Sometimes that’s all you need. London escorts are highly skilled at packing the most value into a short space of time – perfect for their hard-working client base.

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