So the Beckham versus Nici drama continues, and it is clear that everyone who knows of the issue on both side of the Atlantic is taking sides. After the Bosnian escort girl made startling allegations against the international football poster boy, team Beckham’s legal team unleashed an epic lawsuit against Ms. Nici, her manager, and the publishers of the magazine that printed them.  While she stands by them at the moment, it is a bit difficult to see how long that will last, given the strength of Becks’ reaction.  But stranger things have certainly happened, and this escort girl has promised that more revelations are to come.

It is a little hard to see David obliging the court with a view of his manly bits, to verify much made claims of some sort of birthmark. The burden of proof then, rests on this newly notorious escort’s shoulders. The wave of publicity this has generated has been overwhelming for her, and by all accounts Nici is not coping well. She has already stated that she is a virtual prisoner in her New York hotel room, and reports of her allegations have reached as far as her native Bosnia, and adopted home in the Netherlands, where her family escaped to following the war.
Even before this makes it to trial, it is certainly being tried in the court of public opinion. Everyone is determined to put their two cents in, and some unlikely voices have come up in support of either party. A New York based escort agency owner has come out in support of Becks, claiming that he is too much of a ‘goody two shoes.’ Although her comments are close to boasting, she alleges that if Becks had been playing around with escort girls , she certainly would have known. Apparently, her agency has a track record of supplying call girls to the elite of the sporting world, including the girl who frolicked with Tiger Woods before his marriage fell apart. On the other hand, there is no doubt that high end escort girls and elite sportsmen often move in the same circles. This relationship has been going on for decades, and there is little reason to believe that these beautiful and charming women will stop being of interest to rich, influential men.
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