Love can be a fickle thing…a cruel mistress. Just when you think life is perfect, that it couldn’t be better,. life conspires against you and turns your world upside down. If you’re hurting, I can’t think of a better painkiller than a exclusive London Escort. Our girls are hand picked for there sensitivity, for their empathy and most have lived lives where they have faced heartbreak of there own. So I think our Escort girls are uniquely placed to offer the necessary TLC.

I’m not saying for one minute that they can cure you of your pain. We all know that it’s time that is the great healer there, but believe me I speak from experience that the sooner you can move on and start dating again, the quicker the healing process. One of the first things to desert you when you are part of a breakup is your confidence…unless of course it was instigated by your infidelity in which case it’s not you I’m talking to. Confidence will be in short supply when you’ve been dumped..questions like why me? what’s wrong with me? I can’t live without her. I think it is in In that situation that a London Escort girl really comes into her own.

The great thing is that you can start dating again with one of our girls without fear of rejection. You can practice some of your moves, you can chat away to our girls, they’re all good listeners and they really do understand what it’s like to be in love and how cruel it can be. We offer you a very easy road back into the land of the living, with no pressure and no fear of rejection. It’s like riding a bike, the sooner you get back on after a fall the sooner you’ll get the hang of it again…I’m not comparing our cheap Escorts in London to bikes but you do get the picture I think. So come on, get up, dust yourself off and call us and GET DATING.

What ever happens good luck and I hope the pain fades away soon. Look after yourself.

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