London escorts your Christmas gift

How was your Christmas? I’m sure this is probably a question you’ve heard many time over recently. Mine was pretty standard, luckily with no major dramas. Sometimes I think I’m quite blessed in not having a large, extended family. Although occasionally I wistfully imagine happy family parties bursting with cousins, nephews, nieces, aunts and uncles, on the whole I think having a small, close family is a lot easier (and less expensive). London escorts often touchingly consider the other girls at London escort agencies as their ‘family’ and there are always lots of seasonal celebrations going on at this time of year.

What did you get for Christmas? This one you’ve probably heard a little less, but still often enough. I usually give much the same answer every year and hear the same one given buy others: ‘Oh you know, some DVDs, a book, a gift voucher’. This year (last year, now actually) my presents were a little more unusual, and I have to admit I felt pretty lucky on the gift front. Although I did get some gift vouchers they were for my favourite places, and I also received some very cool pieces of equipment to feed my artistic tendencies – including a mini-compressor and an airbrush!

Therefore I felt a little bit guilty when I asked my friend what he’d received and he said he’d hardly got anything. His family had clubbed together and brought him a Blu-ray DVD player. Although he appreciated this was a fairly decent gift, it wasn’t hugely exciting and because it was relatively expensive he didn’t get anything else to go with it. Feeling a little sorry for himself, as he’s a generous guy with his family and also works incredibly hard, he decided to redress the balance and treat himself to an evening with a busty escort in London.

‘It was one of my best ever Christmas presents!’ he told me after. ‘Gorgeous blonde escorts in London are used to guys like me that decide to spoil themselves, but this girl acted like it was a really special night, for both of us. She came to my flat. I’d considered asking her to turn up just wearing some strategically placed wrapping paper, but thought this might be a bit embarrassing for her! However she did have a red ribbon in her hair, as if she’d guessed she might be my Christmas present to myself.’

My friend has since decided to make the most of the services of London escorts regardless of how good or bad his Christmas presents happen to be. ‘After all’, he said, ‘Even if my family get me pretty good gifts, they’re never going to be quite as thrilling as having a night out with a gorgeous young escort in London, complete with sensual massage at the end of the night. I work bloody hard all year; I think I deserve a little something extra at Christmas!’

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