How do you like your London escorts to be wrapped? Well lets face it receiving one of our girls delivered to your door has to be the equivalent of Santa coming out of season. What a present. Some of you guys are traditionalists like myself and want the sexy lingerie.My personal preference is smart business suit, with stockings and suspenders underneath and a lacy body stocking…you know the one’s with the velcro emergency door. You may have a fetish of some kind, with a little notice in some cases you could have your London Escort arriving in rubber or leather or lycra. (check with reception who has the gear to fit)

We also understand that for some of you it’s the uniform that does it for you. Whether you’ve fantasized about a date with a policewoman or a nurse or even a grown up school girl, all these things are possibilities but as I said, you need to give us a little warning. No one yet has asked for traffic warden…isn’t that strange we all just hate them don’t we. I’d be scared for the life of our Escort Girls London if we sent them in THAT gear. Even the policewoman personally I don’t get…every time I see one of those i just want to make a dash for the nearest exit, not rip her uniform off and of course the nurse thing. I guess we all have the romantic notion that nurses are hot…that they have that caring side and more than you’re average girls grasp of human anatomy, that they’ve seen it all and are not easily shocked.

Have you been to you local hospital recently? Especially a London hospital. Nearly all nurses are African and huge. They slouch around the hospital at a snails pace and have about as much of a vocation for nursing as my left testicle… Sorry if you are African it’s not a rascist thing, it’s an honest appraisal of London Hospitals. Anyway I digress.

We won’t send you a tired fat old Nigerian Escort, we’ll send you some Executive London Escorts who are anything but jaded anything but tired. We’ll try our best to present them as per your wishes and we’ll make sure that if you have a role play fantasy that we try to accomodate it within reason.

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