It has recently come to my attention that male grooming products are getting as common and as varied as female grooming products. A trip to the men’s cosmetics aisle in a store like Boots or Superdrug is pretty similar to the female aisle, there are so many different creams and gels and razors and deodorants that it has made me start to wonder whether or not we should be grooming as much as women are. Whilst I am a guy that does not mind taking care of myself a bit I am not ready to start taking hours on end to get ready like theLondon escorts do sometimes. I don’t want to have to spend that amount on products either, it is just too much and I don’t really understand where this influx of male cosmetics and grooming products has actually come from.

Recently I was in one of the aforementioned cosmetic stores, which one I cannot remember because they all look pretty much the same, but whilst I was there I saw a section that actually had make up that was aimed at us guys. Yes, you heard me right, make up that was aimed at guys, I was in shock too. I asked one of the escorts in London that was with me if it had been labelled wrong or something and she explained to me that this kind of stuff was getting quite popular.

There was male eyeliner, guys mascara (aptly named manscara) and a range of other products that just seemed as though they surely should have been a joke. Not to mention the fact that it was all pretty expensive I could not imagine that many guys that would actually go and buy the stuff unless it was for a joke but the London escort that I was with told me that it was pretty popular.

The modern man is already expected to use grooming products that most guys 50 years ago probably would not have even looked at. Facial moisturisers, body creams, face scrubs and a ton of different deodorants, it is difficult to keep up with any of it and it seems as though they are trying to make it so that there are as many products available for guys as there are for girls, but it is questionable whether most guys will buy it.

I asked the London escorts whether it is something that they want, for guys to groom themselves as much as they do. Most of them said that it wasn’t something that appealed to them at all, so as long as it not something that the females out there want, it is not something that I wish to subscribe to.

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