Although it’s not my first thought of somewhere to go for a massage Edgware Road is in fact well-served by a range of gorgeous escort girls represented by 24-Carat, who just love to have romantic dates in the comfort of their own apartments, where they can relax with their clients and can give them fantastic massages. Normally, rather that a massage parlour Edgware Road is where I’ll go in search of a curry house – but hey, if you can get both things in one place then that’s even better! Edgware Road is a long and varied thoroughfare with all types of residents, including many ethnic communities, and a myriad selection of cafés, shops and all the other stuff you’d expect to find in a ‘proper’ London street.

In terms of getting a real, high-quality massage Edgware Road girls are admirably committed to the art  – they have to be, really, because massage is such a favourite service for so many of our clients. The girls are highly motivated to get really good at it and practice whenever they get the opportunity. I remember when the gorgeous Lithuanian escort girl Camilla first joined up with 24-Carat, and was very eager to get some massage practice in. Luckily for me, I was her guinea pig! I arrived at her flat one afternoon and she was very happy when I arrived, bustling around and making sure I was ok, comfortable, had got there ok etc. She has a lovely, bubbly character (somewhat at odds with her name, I feel!), and is beautiful to boot. Naturally fair-skinned she’s also always sporting a light, natural tan that highlights her perfect contours and looks lovely against her rich, dark hair. She has great 34C breasts, which I happen to think is about the best size. She was wearing a little, dark purple dress slashed up the thigh that made it rather difficult for me to concentrate on what she was saying. Fortunately she was keen to delve straight into my massage – which was surprisingly vigorous! I gave her some direction on what felt really good and what was a bit uncomfortable, and by the end of the session she was a lot happier with her technique and I felt extremely relaxed! Sadly I had to leave because she was expecting a client, but I left pleased in the knowledge that I’d helped to ensure the lucky fella got a brilliant W2 massage!

Fortunately, as they get so much practice at massage Edgware Road girls are masters in the field and this undoubtedly makes them very popular with the clients. And if you’re after more than just a massage parlour Edgware Road is a great place to go for a conventional date as well, with all its eateries and bars to chose from. I really think it could be possible to have the perfect date here – dinner at a funky restaurant and then perhaps a smoke of a shisha pipe, before heading home with a girl like Camilla for a fantastic W2 massage.

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