Over the last 10 years or so the many governments of the Western world have been telling us that global warming is coming and that we are all in trouble if we do not do something about it. The many disaster movies that have been in the cinemas over the last decade have depicted exactly what the ‘end of the world’ will look like just as the people in power had predicted with the oceans over flowing because of the polar ice caps melting and images of complete and utter destruction due to the apparently rising temperatures. There have been predictions that average temperatures will rise across the globe as the planet heats up due to the carbon dioxide emissions that we are pumping out. When you look at the science behind it does seem as though it is a definite possibility, but having had 2 of the coldest winters on record in the last couple of years and seeing the crazy amounts of snow that have fallen here last year and right now in America it is quite difficult to tell when this rise in temperatures will occur. I remember being at the London escort HQ whilst watching a program on global warming and all the girls got excited about the prospect of warmer temperatures in the UK, images of busty escorts in London wearing less throughout the year sounded great to me, but it seems as though both myself and the escorts in London have been disappointed by this lack of growing temperatures.

I know that they were often warning about the catastrophic damage a rise in global temperatures would cause but of course living in the UK where the temperature rarely goes above 75 degrees farenheit it is difficult to really see a rise in our average temperatures as a bad thing, especially when you have just come out the other side of one of the worst winters we have had in a long time!

I for one would not be opposed to temperatures soaring over 80 degrees for large portions of the year, not because I am overly desperate to get a tan but more because I would love to see more sexy females walking around wearing a lot less, especially the London escorts.

For now it looks as though the only chance you will get to see any hot blonde escorts in London strutting their stuff in bikini’s is if you take them away to some where warm enough, go on, you know you want to!

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