How are you? How’s it going? This is 24carat Escorts and myself and our beautiful escort girls in london want to know how you’re feeling. As Cameron’s cuts start to bite, I’m wondering what the effect is going to be. We have a lot of clients who book an Escort in London and work in the public sector…lot’s of council workers of all levels like to date our girls. We’re hoping they’re safe but of course accepting of the distinct possibility that they’re not.

I worked in the private sector before and we generally I think were more sensitive to economic changes. Cutting jobs just seemed to be the knee jerk reaction to a downturn and, as we had no Union to speak of, there was nothing to stop it from happening. However I use that only as an example to illustrate that we know what it’s like to live in fear of losing you’re job and I know it’s a horrible feeling. Our London Escorts will keep all their fingers and toes (but not their legs) crossed in the hope you ride this one out. That’s meant sincerely not just so you still have the dosh to book a London Escort.

I think visiting one of our girls or have her come to you is something that can have a very positive effect on your mood. It depends on the girl and so I guess it’s quite important that you read the descriptions and ask our reception girls for a little advice. If you’re feeling low or a little vulnerable then you’re looking for a little TLC. In that case you should choose an Escort London can offer that provides a good GFE. Bianca is a good example, Toni another or Micaela. If you’re OK in yourself and maybe it’s just ‘that time of the month’ (men have them as well… its when the urge to date becomes overwhelming no matter how hard you try to avoid it). If thats the situation them maybe Sandra or Megan or Wana would be a better choice.

In conclusion we want to genuinely wish you good luck and if its any consolation our price of 110 per hour has remained unchanged for 4 years and there are no plans to increase it at the moment. You can genuinely visit one of our London Escorts in Central London for an hour for that price so the ravishing beauty of Vanesa is available to you for the price of a night out with your mates, getting pissed bored and then having to take a taxi home cos you’re so bladdered.

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