Following several near misses we have been forced, for the first time in our history, to issue guidelines on how to handle one of our London Escorts. Sandra has a huge pair of tits, there’s is no denying that and as the Escorts London can offer line up, I think she’s at the front of the queue. We already paid for her to have special bra’s made with kevlar safety catches built into the fabric, we thought that would be enough but no.

Ok, so if you are in a confined space with Sandra and the situation arises where she will be removing her bra then remember to stand to one side. NEVER stand directly in front of such a busty London escort when she is removing this item. Sandra is aware of the correct proceedure but we advise you for safety reasons to wear the protective eye goggles that we provide.

If as the more macho amongst you prefer, you intend to remove said item of clothing yourself (I guess in order to show your London Escort how experienced with women you are because you know how the clips work) then again, never attempt to reach round from the front. Firstly, unless you’ve got arms like a Gibbon, it’s futile you’ll never reach and secondly you’re in the danger zone.

The correct proceedure is to stand behind Sandra and keep a nice straight back. Brace yourself to take the strain and take a firm grip on the bra. We favour twisting the back of your garment around your hand to avoid it being snatched away. Then place Sandra facing a plain wall….no pictures and under NO circumstances facing a window. Remove the Kevlar safety clips then swiftly, keeping straight arms, unclip the bra.

DO NOT SIMPLY RELEASE….this is the most critical moment, the bra needs to be eased off slowly, all the time taking the strain. As you feel gravity pulling you down, go with it and gently sink to your knees. Your finishing position should be bra on the floor, you on your knee’s behind our London Escort with your head and arms poking between her thighs. Not the most dignified start to proceedings, but the safest way to unleash those babies without losing an arm or you eyesight. The same process needs to be followed for all our busty London Escorts which include Megan and to be on the safe side Vanesa as well. That way everyone stays safe and you don’t have the unenviable task of explaining to paramedics what happened,

Stay Safe Out There.

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