Our clients are a mixed bunch. You might not realise but when you sit down to search for your perfect London Escort you’re sharing that search with the policeman you saw walking the beat this morning, the Asian guy who sit’s dutifully behind the counter of your local newsagents, the City boy in his sharp suit and your sons Headmaster…oh and probably you’re local MP (unless it’s a woman in which case it’s unlikely).

I’m trying to reassure you basically that you do not need to feel guilty or ashamed that you want to spend time with one of 24 Carat Escorts London Escorts. Most Men Do!! and despite what female pressure groups would have you believe, it’s nothing to be ashamed of, it’s something that your neighbours are doing and the girls themselves are happy to do. That’s one thing that really sticks in my throat, this idea…the way that prominent women in the media like to portray Escort Agencies as the demonic exploiters of women and Escort Girls as their victims. Our girls are not victims!!!. Our girls are happy in what they do, they have approached us looking for work and are free to come and go as they please and work as often or as little as they like. Obviously this job doesn’t suit everyone, that’s why you see beautiful potential London Escorts working in bars and supermarkets and shoe shops…it’s their choice, but please don’t tell me we are exploiting the one’s that decide to give this Industry a go.

As men I think we all know that it’s women who hold us by the balls. How many times have you jumped through hoops for a girl? You know that she’s playing you along…you’ll take a step back one day and realise God I can’t believe what this girl has got me doing…all for a little bit of TLC…I think it’s guys who are being taken advantage of I think.

So in conclusion when you sit down to search for an Escort in London you are in distinguished company. Also don’t listen to media women who will have you believe that you are exploiting our Escorts Girls, you are not you are just trying to satisfy the most basic of urges that a man can have and you’re doing it in a responsible and positive way with a girl who is free to choose and has chosen you.

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