Going Underground

As much as I love to moan about the London Transport system, I have to admit that it is an amazing travel network in many respects. Not only does it get me (usually efficiently) to work at the London escort office and back everyday, it also allows for the possibility of visiting half a dozen attractions or favourite locations in a single day of leisure. You can pretty much reach anywhere in the city by jumping on the Tube, and if the Tube lets you down there’s always a plethora of mainline stations, buses and taxis.

Conversely I hate driving in London. It’s just a total nightmare of traffic, one-way systems and seemingly suicidal pedestrians. Not to mention dangerously erratic cyclists, and now rickshaws of course. Luckily the need to drive here is rare due to the extensive transport options – even if I have to get a taxi it’s still nowhere as stressful as driving myself.

As I mentioned before, the best thing about the transport system is its almost magic-carpet ability to whisk you from place to place in minutes. It’s possible to be strutting along Oxford Street at 3pm, and then meeting friends in Camden by 3.20pm. Perhaps by 4pm you’ll be buying ice creams beside the Thames, gazing up at the mighty Big Ben and Houses of Parliament. Come 5pm you could all be ordering appetisers at that swish new bar in South Kensington.

Now obviously you might not want to do everything that fast, but it certainly gives you a lot of options. And it’s great for having fun days out with friends, or for dating. If you arrange to meet a date at a restaurant in Covent Garden, just to find it’s not what you’d thought it would be, in ten minutes you could be mingling with the crowds in Leicester Square and then catching a tube to a funky shisha café on Edgware Road in place of that dull restaurant you’d originally planned for.

The relative proximity of all these places in conjunction with the transport connections makes dating a cheap escort in London so much easier, especially if you only have a limited amount of time and obviously want to make the most of it. You could probably select several different places to visit with your busty escort in London if you have a couple of hours in the evening. Or if you just want to have a more chilled out time with a blonde escort in London, just pick somewhere central and easy to get to (there are plenty!), and not have the worry of wasting time on travelling.

London escorts, additionally, have so much experience of being out and about in London that know all the best places to go, and the best ways to get them. They’ve become highly skilled at getting the most out of the city and therefore giving the most to their clients, in short spaces of time

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