How many of you out there in internet land have heard of this new App that is available for the iPhone known as Foursquare? I fancy myself as a bit of a tech geek but this one managed to slip under the radar as until this week I had never really heard of it, or perhaps I had but I didn’t care to take any notice, but I have now been enlightened as to exactly what it is by one of our London escorts and it sounds like quite a weird and scary application that I cannot really understand anyone wanting to have, luckily the escort in London that told me about it didn’t actually have it herself or she would have definitely been on the receiving end of some concerned questions as to why she would want to give so much information out over the internet, but in our culture now this seems to have become the norm, people like to give us much information as humanly possible over the world wide web and I don’t know if I will ever really understand it.

For anyone that is unsure of what Foursquare is, it is similar to the Facebook “checking in feature” where your whereabouts will be posted via a social networking site. I have seen some of the London escorts do this in the past and I understand it a little bit because if you check in at a bar or club and a couple of your mates see it then of course it means that they can come and join you where as they may never have known otherwise. What is different about Foursquare is the fact that once you have set it up on your phone it will “check you in” automatically pretty much wherever you go, whether it be Starbucks, a nightclub or Mcdonalds it will tell everyone that you have as a friend on Facebook exactly where you are which surely is a recipe for disaster?

One of the busty escorts in London showed me a Facebook account of a friend of hers who has used Foursquare for sometime, I looked at it for about 10 minutes and without having ever met the girl in question I could tell you absolutely everywhere she has been in the past week, from where she has eaten to which shops she has been in, scary huh?

Not that I am saying it for deceitful reasons but I just do not think it is wise letting everyone know where you are at all times, especially if you are in a relationship, it is bound to cause problems. You may not even be doing anything wrong but sometimes you may say you are somewhere when you are not, to a friend or a family member or girlfriend/boyfriend just for peace sake and Foursquare will expose you, not a good idea at all in my opinion and I am glad the London escorts agree.

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