Have you noticed how many people list cooking as one of their favourite hobbies? I think it has to be the trendiest past time of the modern age, with everyone owning cookery books by the likes of Gordon Ramsey, Jamie Oliver, Nigella Lawson and Rick Stein. I bet you will find at least one of these in almost every home. The possible exception is the homes of London escorts, who don’t have much time for cooking. They get to enjoy the benefits of other peoples’ cooking, at fancy restaurants!

The national obsession with culinary creativity has me slight perplexed, I’m afraid. I think I just lack the whole social/cultural approach to the dining phenomena that makes eating an even to some people, but to me just a meal, necessary for survival. Don’t get me wrong; I enjoy tasty food as much as the next person but for me cooking is just another chore in the day, something to get done and out the way so as not to be hungry. It’s also such an essential, basic kind of skill that when people announce that it’s their favourite hobby, or that they’re really good it, I always have to resist the urge to say ‘Erm…well…congratulations. I can cook food too, and brush my own hair, and bath myself…’ Of course, I confine this sarcasm to my head. But honestly, most adults, quite rightly, can put together a decent meal or two. It’s just part of learning to look after yourself.

Ok I know I’ve been quite harsh on the millions of would be chefs running around – maybe it’s because I can’t help thinking that a lot of their culinary ambitions are actually the ambitions of trendy TV chefs who’ve convinced everyone that cooking is cool, and a very desirable skill in a partner (especially men, it seems – these are the main culprits when it comes to cooking hobbyists – perhaps because women don’t have the time to luxuriate in creating fancy meals??!) Truth be told, I have on occasion enjoyed thinking up a tasty recipe and putting it into practice – if I ever have a big, well-fitted kitchen all to myself I’m sure it’s a possibility I’d discover my inner-Delia.

The times that I get most inspired with regards to doing some cooking tend to be when I’ve eaten out at a restaurant and had a new dish which I’d like to be able to make myself. Busty escorts in London, and blonde escorts in London, are no strangers to this scenario, visiting the best eateries in Town several days a week. They often lament that although they love the meals, they’d like to have enough time at home to try and recreate these dazzling dishes. Perhaps they should scribble down their versions of the meals that really stun their palates, and collate them into a London escort cookery book! Then one day when they have big, luxurious kitchens of their own they can put all their research into practice!

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