First time with London escorts

Whether you are a first time client or a girl contemplating becoming a London Escort this can be a very stressful and uncertain time. As a client I know you will have wrestled with your conscience, paying for a date with a woman is not something most guys take lightly as some how there is a taboo against such things.

If you are a young girl and you’re about to embark on a career as a Dinner Date Companion I also appreciate that there will have been a certain amount of soul searching. What would your parents think if they find out? What is my friends or my boyfriend in particular should find out? We understand the misgivings that you will have as well.

I think the first thing to do is to understand the other parties concerns. If you’re a new client empathise a little with your London Escort Girl who must be a little anxious at the fact that she has never met you and may be entering your domain (your home or hotel) which she is unfamiliar with. Equally if you are a more established Escort in London imagine the thoughts going through a new guys mind. Will she like me? Am I good looking enough? Is she pretty/nice/friendly/gentle/funny. I could write a thousand different questions.

So if the two of you come at your date from the perspective of the other person then that.s a good start. Then you need to get the basics right. You need to be on time for your date, you need to be clean, you need to be smartly dressed in clean clothes and in nice friendly happy mood. These rules apply whether you are the London Escorts or the first time client. Once these basic have been met, then it becomes about the two of you and how you relate to each other. It takes two to make a good date and its up to both of you to try your best to make the other as comfortable as possible.

Good Luck and Happy Dating.

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