I’m trying to think back now to my first date with a London Escort. It was probably about 20 years ago and was a while after I came back from a holiday in Thailand. I was missing the place terribly because the experience had been such a life changing one that my friends and I were all full of it, all thinking of when we could go back, how we could live out there?, could we open a little bar on Chaweng Beach Road? was all fantasy but it made me want to retrace those steps and spend time with a Thai girl.

I will tell you honestly it was a disappointment. Not because the London Escort in question wasn’t a nice girl but because like all holiday romances it’s not the same when you come back. The Thai girls then on Koh Samui were innocent fun loving farmers daughters just loving life, ANY Thai girl you meet in London probably has some kind of awful story to tell whether it’s being traficked into London or a messy divorce or a starving family in Thailand needing support.

The point I’m making is when you meet your first London Escort don’t have an agenda. I did and it just leads to disappointment. Just take your first date as a one off. It’s an encounter with a beautiful woman you’ve never met before so just keep an open mind and enjoy the experience. I know you might be feeling a little nervous, it’s understandable and I think it would be the same whether you were meeting an escort, or your future ‘In Laws’ or your new boss, but please understand that we do interview our girls before we decide to work with them so at that stage we tend to get rid of the girls who have the wrong attitude. We want our Escort girls to be supportive and welcoming and encouraging, that’s what we strive for on your behalf.

So in conclusion, keep an open mind to your first date, don’t have an agenda, try to relax, make sure you get a shower and relax yourself and then whether you’re meeting out or she’s coming to your place just enjoy the experience and remember that its the Escort girl who needs to impress YOU not the other way around…Just have fun

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