Frankly I’m sick of hearing the Liberal, Organic Spout munching, brigade slagging off the escort business and suggesting that you and me are somehow ‘deluded’ or ‘fantasists’.

I refute the allegation as it is meant, but in my terms I think a little bit of fantasy is what makes the world go round.

A key part of a good relationship is fantasy. It’s the escapism, something to consume us, to overwhelm us, and for a brief (hopefully not too brief) period of time, to own us. When we have a good connection with someone we are leaving reality to one side – and you don’t need to be a Harry Potter fan to know that even at its best, reality simply can’t compete with fantasy!

To take the analogy to even more absurd territory, a healthy relationship is like the best episode of Eastenders ever, only without the manic depressive cockneys.

Ok, I’m being silly now. But the point I’m trying to make is that ALL physical love has this element of fantasy – be it with a wife, girlfriend, mistress, or one of our London escorts. When we become intimate with a loved one, we are forgetting about the hum-drum trivialities of life. When we book a London escort, we are doing the same.

People who don’t understand the Escort Industry argue that us guys who book escorts in London convince themselves that the girls care about them beyond their ability to pay. Well, that’s bollocks. Firstly, it is an insult to our intelligence as men. Secondly, it is an insult to the integrity of my escorts.

Men are not stupid. They know that a professional escort will treat them with care and attention for several reasons: these can include pride in their job, pride in their character, and yes, also in hope of a size able ‘tip’. Take the comparison of a waitress who goes the extra mile for her customers. Surely it would take a diner with a heart of stone to shrug off her efforts as purely cynical and money-motivated?

The third issue, is more complex and contentious. Is it wrong for a man to believe that an escort genuinely likes them? The fact is that, be it fantasy or reality the answer is no, as long as this fantasy does not extend beyond the visit and result in an unhealthy obsession (and yes, we do know that this can and does happen, but they are very much an exception to the rule).

And then there is the simple and incontrovertible fact that some escorts WILL take a shine to her customers. She may enjoy his banter, she may enjoy his intimacy, and she may enjoy the fact that he enjoys her! Again, like any other woman, they are susceptible to flattery.

So to these people I say one thing and one thing alone: who are the real fantasists? Those who use their imagination to enhance and add excitement to their lives, or those who have lost all sense of perspective to the point that they have forgotten about the inherent qualities shared by all human beings – whatever their profession, vocation or sexual predilections. Hedonism rules – you’re a long time dead!!

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