24 Carat Escorts on FACEBOOK AND TWITTER

Guys we are reaching out our hands to you in an effort to find out how we can improve the London Escort experience. God we try hard enough to get you to leave reviews to the point of offering free incalls, but apart from a few who do it just to try to wangle a freeby (i can’t blame them but it became rather irritating) you remain stoical and tight lipped. Our latest venture into the real world is via facebook and twitter. Take a look on the home gage to see the links to our accounts.

I’m going to be posting information as and when I can and am hoping that you might respond so we can get to know each other a little better. I know we are one of a myriad of London Escort Agencies all vying for your attention, but we genuinely would like to get a dialogue going so that you can tell us what you think, how we can improve the escort service, how better your london escort experience could be.

We’re thinking about some kind of competition open to anyone who joins up and takes our newsletter,  and connects with our facebook and twitter accounts. I think that makes a great first topic of conversation. So I’ll throw it over to you. If you book one of the Female Companion offers via 24carat, what would you see as an appropriate way of rewarding you if you then sign up for our social media communications?

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