Of course we are all aware that a lot changes as we get older, as much as many of us would like to stop the process it is inevitable that certain things will change. Some things do change for the better, whilst others, of course, change for the worst. Some changes are physical where as others are mental or involve life changes like responsibility. Certain things I cannot complain about, for example, getting older has enabled me to get a decent job working with gorgeous London escorts everyday, but on the other hand I can’t keep up with teenagers when playing football as my fitness is not quite what it was and neither is my knee!

A lot of the changes that occur are quite obvious, everyone is fully aware that fitness it not quite as high when we get older and that the older we get the more responsibility we are likely to take on, whether that be due to work commitments, or perhaps buying a house and getting a mortgage or even having kids, these changes are all to be expected. The London escorts constantly go on about not having quite as much energy as they did when they were a bit younger but it is not as though this change comes as a surprise!

One change that did come as quite a surprise to me was the change in my tastes when it comes to food and drink. Over the last few years my pallet has changed quite a lot and it has come as quite a surprise to me, my family and friends and the London escorts that I have all of a sudden taken a liking to certain food and drinks and have developed a dislike for certain other things that I used to quite like, it is quite weird and was very unexpected!

Take red wine for example, a few years ago I thought it was pretty disgusting, just a warm alcoholic beverage that did not have a nice taste, stained your teeth and made your breath smell quite bad. I was a staunch fan of white wine if I was to choose between the two and never really imagined  myself drinking red wine at all let alone switching allegiances, but alas that has happened, I know prefer red wine to white and the London escorts do not believe that it is actually me when they see me drinking a nice class of the red stuff.

The same thing occurred with olives, I hated them not so long ago, could not understand for the life of me why some of the escorts in London liked them so much, and yes, you guessed it, I now love them and cannot seem to stop eating them, I wonder what else is going to change?

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