Our society is changing, that’s a fact. As more and more marriages end in divorce, more and more people stay single, more and more people live alone without a committed relationship, the role of Escort Services in London become of increasing importance. As well as this, with such programs as Sex in the City, Diary of a Call Girl and the rise of the internet for viewing content of a sexual nature our society is being transformed.

That means if you’re a London Escort or a guy who likes to book Escort Services in London then this is a great time to be involved in this Industry because if you’re working then you are only going to get busier and if you’re a client then the choice of girls is becoming quite mind boggling.

We have certainly noticed that the quality of the girls is getting better and we feel that 24 Carat Escorts are uniquely placed to capitalise on that because we are at the budget end of the market. All our girls are just GBP 110 per hour…an incredible price really and yet still we seem able to produce a selection of beautiful women for you to choose from. The only problem for us is keeping them for any length of time..it’s a dilemma really. We like out position as a Cheap Escort in London service provider, but we know that our girls are obviously looking for the best deal for themselves and so are lured to the more expensive Agencies.

My advice to you as a client is to keep you eyes on our new girls and make sure that when new girls appear you book them sooner rather than later. These girls you may well see 3 or 4 months down the line appearing on the more expensive (that’s most of them) websites. Some of our girls have worked with us for several years and they know that it’s not always the most expensive agencies that give them the best chance of working. Let’s hope as many of the beautiful Escorts on our books appreciate that and stay with us.

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