Ahhh one of my favourite places on earth – the exciting Edgware Road with its abundance of fun-loving Edgware Road escorts. This road runs for an awfully long way through the west of central London, book-ended by Marble Arch in the City of Westminster in the East and Edgware, Barnet in the West (actually, if you’re going to get technical about it, as part of the A5 road it meanders all the way down to Holyhead in Wales – although you won’t find any Edgware Road escorts down that far). Although the road passes through three London postcode districts – W1, W2 and NW1 – at 24-Carat we usually just refer to the girls there as W2 escorts.

When I was younger, and knew nothing of the gorgeous escorts Edgware Road harboured, I always used to like trawling round the famous Church Street market. It’s not like there’s anything intrinsically brilliant about this market, but for some reason I just enjoyed the atmosphere of the place. I could easily waste an hour winding my way between the cluttered stalls, examining this and that – rarely actually buying anything but making the most of the ‘window shopping’ at least. Sometimes I’d get chatting to the market’s stall holders, who often hailed from exciting places like Egypt, Bulgaria or Greece, and learn a few interesting things in the process. These days, naturally, I have more of an interest in the Edgware Road escorts than I do in the Church Street market stallholders – they tend to be a lot better looking for a start!

Happily, sometimes the best bits of my past and my present collide, and occasionally I get to show a ‘new girl’ from 24-Carat around the key sites of the road, such as the market (another good example of this phenomenon is when my best friend dished out sherbet-filled flying saucers at his wedding reception last week). Walking around that place with a beautiful young girl at my side I feel like, well, like I’ve made it! Ok so I have to giver her back at the end of the day, but that’s not the point….

It’s actually great fun when an escort girl moves into London and I get to show her around, like going on really good first dates. With these new escorts W2 is a cool place to explore together, what with the treasure trove of cafés and bars on Edgware Road and multitude of restaurants offering every cuisine imaginable (this is particularly useful when a girl’s feeling homesick).

It doesn’t take long for these newcomers to get used to things, and after the culture shock Edgware Road escorts often feel very pleased with their choice of home. It’s easy to make friends there, and luckily, loyal 24-Carat clients know that W2 escorts are among the best, so work comes quickly too.

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