Early morning fun with London escorts

Have you ever considered booking one of our London Escorts for the whole night? Oh yes an extravagance I know, something I guess that you might think is the domain of those on an expense account rather than the majority of us just trying to keep body and soul together.

Well being a hedonist I’m all for it, the thought of waking up next to Julia or Erika would be such a delightful thing to do that its worth extending your Escort London budget to include the measly 600 notes that it’s going to cost you.

Don’t worry, you’re not going to oversleep and miss all the early morning fun. All our London Escort Girls have a unique way of waking you up that doesn’t involve an alarm clock of any type but does involve her diving below the duvet. Just be careful how hard you press the snooze button.

So you see in terms of life experiences I think if you’re into Escorts in London then you need to consider the overnighter..it ranks up there with the Duo, the Identical Twins, the Mother / Daughter scenario and the College girl changing room. If you have any other burning ambitions to fulfill, please feel free to contact me and let me know what they are…let’s compare notes and maybe one of our Escort Girls can make that fantasy become a reality. I just can’t wait to have Ramona bring me  a nice cup of tea in bed then pull her down on top of me and roll around like a couple of teenagers…what a thought.

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