I like casinos, I think most guys tend to like the idea of casinos. We have all probably watched films like Oceans 11 and seen just how cool the whole casino in Vegas thing is, you walk in wearing your perfectly tailored suit with a pocket full of cash and a gorgeous girl like a London escort on your arm ready to take on the dealers and other casino goers to try and win some money (although if you are frequenting casinos in Vegas I doubt it is the money that motivates you so much). For those that do not have incredibly deep pockets there are not that many better feelings than winning a whole load of money on a game of blackjack or roulette. If you walk in with £50 and end up with £500 you are going to feel great but it is about knowing when to stop, casinos can be real good fun and you will feel great strutting around when you have won some money but they can turn into the worst places in the world when you lose all your money and realise you are likely to be leaving with less than you came in with, that is never fun!

For us normal guys that do not have footballer money a trip to the casino is not the most common outing, but if we do decide to go it should be done in the right way and this will normally mean hiring a London escort , putting on your best suit and being prepared to spend a little bit of cash, but it will be worth it if you actually come out on top.

I have never really been able to determine whether it really is just all a game of luck or if there really is some skill involved because there are certain people that just always seem to do well, whether this is because they are just incredibly lucky or because they know exactly what they are doing I don’t know but certain mates of mine always seem to do really well when they go to casinos. As far as I know they are no better or more experienced than me at casino going but they always seem to do a whole lot better and it is quite annoying.

Some of my other mates are the opposite and will end up losing all their money and just disappearing home with a London escort in the hope that they will cheer them up after having lost all their money within minutes. Nevertheless it is still good fun if it all goes ok and you do not lose too much money, it is something different as opposed to going to a club or bar with your mates and it is a good excuse to hire some London Busty Escorts, can’t complain really!

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